Frist Year Milestones | Sitter Sessions

Let them be little.

What Is 'Milestone' Photography?

Milestone Sessions focus on capturing natural, timeless photographs of your baby within the first year to document all of their ever-changing details and their amazing new skills – whether that's rolling, sitting, crawling or even walking.

A Milestone Collection (see "Bundle & Save section under the INVESTMENT tab) offers you the chance to just enjoy the time you have watching your baby grow, without all the worry of if you're taking enough cell phone photos along the way. The first year of your new baby's life goes so quickly, trust me, this momma knows! Allow me to capture these moments so your child can someday look back and see how amazing their first year with you truly was.


What type of backdrops do you offer for studio sessions?

I love a simple, minimalist look to my images, which is one reason you're drawn to my work! Studio sessions are easy, lifestyle sessions and we can mix solid backdrops with the styled "home" studio look for each shoot. If you choose to have one of your milestone sessions outside, we'll work together to find the perfect location.

How long are milestone photoshoots?

I conveniently offer two options for milestone sessions: a budget friendly mini session (child only, 20 mins) or a full classic session (up to an hour).

Do you sell prints?


While it's not required, I HIGHLY recommend utilizing my print lab directly from your gallery. It's so convenient, and I set my own prices so I keep them budget friendly for incredible, professional prints.

While in your gallery, you should see the shopping cart symbol on each image - that is the print shop! By purchasing prints through your gallery, it does directly support me - so I appreciate the business greatly :)