Throughout the hundreds of families I've had the privilege of photographing, I have found a beautiful process in which I get to know my clients. Getting you to a place of comfortability in front of my camera is my main focus so that your images reflect the true joy and happiness you experienced in that very moment. These precious few months of your family's beginning are special but fleeting. Offering a simple, stress-free experience with a unique focus on how you'd like your family to be photographed allows me to offer you high quality, beautiful images that will last a lifetime. 

Whether you're inquiring about your session or giggling alongside me at your photoshoot, I'm constantly focused on giving you a wonderful and unforgettable experience!


When do I book my newborn session?

Your baby’s birthday can be unpredictable. It’s best to contact me during your pregnancy so we can pencil you in. It’s great if you can add me to the “when baby is born” list of people to notify, too! That way we will have a better idea of when you’ll need to book.

Newborn sessions are most successful when done within the first 7-10 days of birth. Most of the poses will be done while baby is sleeping and we want to make sure they’re sleepy enough for me to handle them. After the first 10 days of life they become a bit more alert and discover the joy of stretching! They’re less likely to be sleeping deeply enough to be scrunched into those cute posing positions.

If we book a lifestyle session (so no "posing" of baby), timing is not as crucial. Lifestyle sessions can be booked within the first 2 months of life.

Not sure what type of session you want? A simple Pinterest search on lifestyle newborn sessions vs. newborn photography should help navigate you to examples... but in a nutshell, a classic newborn session with me is mainly based around baby & posing, whereas lifestyle is focused around family & candid shots.

How long are Newborn photoshoots?

I offer two very different newborn experiences. A Lifestyle Newborn session can be up to an hour whereas a Posed Newborn session can be up to 3 hours.

Can I have a mixture of posed & lifestyle in one photoshoot?

Unfortunately, no.

If you are looking for classic, posed images of your newborn, each pose takes careful planning. It also depends on baby's mood, ability to get cozy and the level of difficulty of each pose.

While lifestyle sessions may seem more easy-going, the same variables apply, simply within a different setting. Typically, your choice for a lifestyle session is based on your desire to include siblings, furry family members or simply to freeze time in a natural setting with natural light.

To achieve a successful posed newborn session, we'll need to maintain a clam and quiet environment for baby. This is the most relaxing, stress-free session you and your little can experience together. If you're seeking some well deserved mom-time, a posed studio session is for you.

What are Milestone Sessions/Bundles?

Milestone Sessions are the perfect way to ensure your newest family member has quality images of their first year. Believe me when I say, that first year is fast and can be a little blurry at times (hello sleep deprived momma!) so these bundles are the perfect way to capture key moments of growth so you don't have to miss out. From those first true giggles, to sitting on their own to first year personalities making their debut! Collections include 3 or 4 photoshoots at times of your choosing during that precious first year.

Do you sell prints?


While it's not required, I HIGHLY recommend utilizing my print lab directly from your gallery. It's so convenient, and I set my own prices so I keep them budget friendly for incredible, professional prints.

While in your gallery, you should see the shopping cart symbol on each image - that is the print shop! By purchasing prints through your gallery, it does directly support me - so I appreciate the business greatly :)