Family Photography

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What Are Family Photoshoots?

A family photoshoot means something different for every family I have the pleasure of photographing. Perhaps you're looking to update those photo frames throughout your home of your family as they are today. We'll capture not only group photos but I'm also always careful to group siblings together, photograph each child individually, capture moments of kiddos with each individual parent and yes...I even snap a few shots of you and your partner together before we end our session! I bet it's been a while since you've both been photographed together huh?

Meanwhile, some families want to ensure we capture treasured moments with immediate and extended family members. Having grandparents join is a great way to ensure moments together live on for generations.

Looking to feature your children in a unique photoshoot all about them? I love giving children an opportunity to highlight something they're passionate about. Bring your ideas my way and we'll have just as much fun watching your children smile and giggle as they're having doing the exact same thing.


How do I book a family photoshoot?

Easy! You can do so instantly online by clicking any of the "Book My Photoshoot" buttons on this page. My availability calendar is updated weekly so you'll always have access to the most up-to-date availability I have to offer.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Sometimes, yes! When I do, it's a very limited number of sessions on specific dates throughout the year. To be the first to know about mini sessions, be sure to follow me on social media and sign up for my newsletter.

What happens if it rains the day of our outdoor photoshoot?

I get it! Wisconsin weather is wildly unpredictable. I watch the forecast and radar very closely and typically make a decision to reschedule 24 hours before our scheduled photoshoot. If that happens, we'll simply work together to find the next available date that works for everyone.

When can I expect to receive my images?

I understand you're crazy excited to see your images so I get working on your gallery right away. You can expect to receive a link to your private, password protected online UNEDITED gallery within 2 days of your photoshoot. From there, once you've selected the images for editing, your final gallery should be delivered within 3 weeks.

How long are family photoshoots?

Each family photoshoot is up to 60 minutes each allowing us ample time for a variety of groupings, posing and, of course, a ton of fun!

Do you sell prints?


While it's not required, I HIGHLY recommend utilizing my print lab directly from your gallery. It's so convenient, and I set my own prices so I keep them budget friendly for incredible, professional prints.

While in your gallery, you should see the shopping cart symbol on each image - that is the print shop! By purchasing prints through your gallery, it does directly support me - so I appreciate the business greatly :)