First Year Milestone Photography

Believe me when I say, the first year of baby being part of your family goes fast. Crazy fast.

You're already busy worrying about what shampoo to buy, how to suck boogers from a stuffy nose and if that color of poo is 'normal'. The last thing you need to worry about is missing out on photographing some of the most special milestones you have the joy of witnessing. Your little is going to change so much that first year. Milestone Collections allow you to remember those first little giggles (around 3 months), those wobbly first solo sitting moments (around 6 months), those sudden "where'd they go?!" moments when they learn to crawl (around 9 months) and finally, that amazing first year celebration!

A Milestone Collection offers you the chance to just enjoy the time you have watching your baby grow, without all the worry of if you're taking enough cell phone photos along the way. Allow me to capture these moments so your child can someday look back and see how amazing their first year with you truly was.

Collections include 4 photoshoots within 1 year of baby's birth; up to 60 minutes per session. You can chose a cozy studio setting or a natural outdoor setting for baby's photoshoot, depending on the time of year. These candid, relaxed photoshoots are designed for baby, mom and/or dad only. While I understand your desire to include siblings (no one likes to be left out), I truly believe in the importance of having quality one on one time with each kiddo during their special photoshoot. If you would truly like to include a sibling(s), you can select 1 of the 4 photoshoots within your Collection where the entire immediate family joins. There is an additional fee to upgrade that session however, I can promise it will be a fun family outing together. I encourage a trip to a park or ice cream shop after to celebrate with the entire gang! 

Don't Forget!

By combining a Milestone Collection with either a Maternity or Newborn Photoshoot, you're $200 Photoshoot Experience Fee is instantly waived!