Studio vs. Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoots

Knowing which type of photoshoot is best for you and your newborn can be a tricky decision. Let's walk through the major differences between both to help you land on a decision you're excited about!

Posed Studio Images

If you are looking for classic, posed images of your newborn, each pose takes careful planning. It also depends on baby's mood, ability to get cozy and the level of difficulty of each pose. These photographs are gentle and timeless and make for a beautiful gallery on the walls of your home. Studio sessions are for baby, mom and partner only. We'll capture mostly images of babe and a few shots with babe and mom and of course babe and dad. However, the primary focus will be posed newborn images.

To achieve a successful posed newborn session, we'll need to maintain a clam and quiet environment for baby. This is the most relaxing, stress-free session you and your little can experience together. If you're seeking some much deserved de-stressing mom-time, a posed studio session is for you. The studio needs to be prepped (I arrive much earlier to heat up the space to 80 degrees, I blackout all my windows, I design multiple setups, etc.)... so asking for a mixture of posed & lifestyle is much harder than it may seem as the studio is prepped for one or the other.

When it comes to editing your favorites, I do utilize tools in Photoshop to give that ultra squishy, super cuddly, soft-as-a-baby's-bottom look to your newborn's photos. You'll love the clean and classic look these photographs portray and are beautiful in both color and black and white. If parents are included in any posed studio images, I'll use some simple skin smoothing tools for your skin as well however, I do not alter bodies with any "nips or tucks".

Lifestyle IMAGES

While lifestyle sessions may seem more easy-going, the same variables apply, simply within a different setting. Typically, your choice for a lifestyle session is based on your desire to include siblings, furry family members or simply to stay within the comfort of your own home. Since siblings of newborns are typically under the age of 5, they tend to run the show during a photoshoot. Not worry, I have years of experience working with kiddos so while other family members take breaks between family poses, that's when we'll capture your newborn solo during a lifestyle session... but in their natural state (in their crib, on your bed, etc.).  Including siblings does require an additional fee. Otherwise, we'll focus on you and your partner snuggling that perfect little babe in a cozy, lifestyle setting; may it be at my studio or within the comforts of your home.

Once you've selected your favorite images for me to edit, I do use some of the same tools in Photoshop as I would in a posed studio session, on your newborn's skin in lifestyle images as well. However, because lifestyle photoshoots are meant to capture your "life" in a casual and fluid setting, these images are not overly altered. The backdrop of the hospital (for Fresh 48 shoots), the décor and life items within your home (in-home lifestyle) or even items and props throughout the studio (in-studio lifestyle) will remain in your images as I don't Photoshop everyday "things" out of photos. This is why it's so important to know what style is best for you before your photoshoot so I can help you prepare the space we'll be within in order to better meet your expectations.

As always, shoot me an email to chat through your options so we find a plan that's best suited for everyone.