Your Personal Branding Photographers

Photography has lead me down so many paths over the last 15 years. What started as a hobby turned into a passion that's given me opportunities I never would have dreamed of when I first began. One thing I didn't expect was how lonely being a solopreneur can be. Mind you, I'm typically a keep-to-myself homebody who loves some quality "me" time however, in business being alone can get old real quick.

Insert photography buddy Whitney who stumbled upon me almost 6 years ago. We started out shooting weddings together and instantly discovered that not only did we make a great team professionally, but we had a lot of fun just being goofs together in our personal lives too! Our studios specialized in two totally different niches; she's a killer boudoir photographer and I adore photographing newborns. Things that neither of us wanted to dabble in so sending inquiries to each other was another perfect fit!

But the itch to work together kept needing to be scratched and before long, we found ourselves shooting together whenever we could make a reasonable excuse for it. I love capturing the little details during photoshoots but let's face it, my pre-planning and organization skills could use some work. Whit is that 'big picture' gal who thrives in planning, workflows and efficiency. Lightbulb moment! Combining these skill sets was the ultimate way to serve our clients.

And so, we've been secretly building our branding team to offer an unmatched experience to those looking to 'level up' their professional selves. Together, we've created a fully customizable branding experience that allows clients to focus on speaking to their ideal audience exactly the way they've always envisioned. Whit's got you covered with pre-planning from wardrobe styling, color planning, location scouting along with the best ways to leverage your images once you receive them. Me, I've got you covered from photoshoot details, behind-the-scenes footage, product photography and unique wide angle shots.

Two photographers, one mission:

to redefine what it means to "update your headshot" and help other busy professionals propel themselves to the next level of success through a branding photoshoot tailored specifically for growth.

Check out all the details regarding our services by clicking the button below. See you on the other side of my camera!