Best Outdoor Photoshoot Locations

Choosing a great location for your outdoor photoshoot is a big decision! You've already invested in the photoshoot, the perfect styles for everyone and probably a hair cut or two just to feel your best. With all that effort before the shoot, you definitely want to ensure the location is just as great. Here's my top picks for outdoor photoshoot locations between Lake County and Waukesha Wisconsin. 

The Delafield Fish Hatchery

This unique park offers a variety of backdrops along with beautiful shady areas to use throughout your photoshoot. From a winding white pier, a beautiful overgrown walking path, a stone building along with a stunning wooden bridge over the river, you're sure to love the details that this public park has to offer.

Retzer Nature Center

A go-to classic all times of the year. The backdrops here include tall "up north" style woods, open farm fields, lush walking paths and an abundance of tall grasses. There's even a cute sunflower field just before the entrance *typically* in August. Just remember, this park does NOT permit dogs onsite so please leave your furry family members home for this photoshoot.

high meadow property

Come on home! Our 15 acre property is sure to impress any nature loving soul. While we live a simple life, the open field (aka, the food plot) is rich in tall pines & greenery covered trails. I have a small pumpkin patch for fall minis and wood piles galore. If serene privacy is important to you, this is the place.

Formal Gardens - waukesha

Alternatively known as Frame Park, this central location has it all. The gardens provide endless amounts of color and texture with hints of stone accents. The river is a short walk away, although the water is not your ideal *color* for photos. This space is known for florals and color!

SMALL town Downtown

Or any cute downtown for that matter! This classic urban setting gives a feeling of fun by providing more neutral tones over greens and yellows. Think a mixture of brick, stone, wood and metal for these backdrops and yes, we can even use a boardwalk too! My favorite part? Rooftop finish at my secret Waukesha spot!

The Brava Studio

This amazing location is the home of our red vintage truck where our themed fall minis take place! It offers us five private acres to roam and play! With a beautiful wildflower field, giant piles of wood, tall pines and a modern farmhouse front porch... there's really not much more you can wish for!

This location is private & exclusive to your *themed" fall mini session.

Don't Forget!

I watch weather patterns like a crazy person! If it looks like we'll encounter bad weather during the time we originally planned, I'll reach out about 24-48 hours beforehand to reschedule. May it be rain, high winds, sleet or other fun Wisconsin weather, you'll feel better knowing your session will be smooth sailing because we have the best possible weather.